Storytelling and Identity & Storytelling and Community

"Trauma Outside the Garden" Narrative 

In my Storytelling and Identity class, we focused on the use of autoethnography as a research method. For the first major assignment, we were tasked with looking into our own lives to find an event that we felt were worth telling others. I created a story based on my experience of my parents divorce and infidelity. The cover photo and artist statement were created to add depth to the performance and the research behind the narrative.

In my Storytelling and Identity class, we continued our learning of autoethnography as poetry. For this, I created a poem based off of my experience living with seizures and a diagnosis of Epilepsy. It explores the relationship I have with myself and my medication, family, nurses, and peers. The artist statement and cover photo are designed to give insight into this poem and explain the research behind it.  

"Until I Have One Again" Narrative 

In my Storytelling and Community class, we focused on telling the stories of others whom we interviewed. These stories could be done verbatim or we could take an artistic license and create a character to use in the storytelling. Stories were gathered and then put into a script with interactions for our young audience. We often found ourselves adjusting the content of the stories to fit the younger audience and the guidelines of the school system. 

"Mountain Climbing in Afghanistan" Story and Performance

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